Aging is a trip. We have maps.

For Your Personal, Practical, Mindful Aging Plan®

Aging is a trip, indeed.  And there are many paths from which to choose.  We are living longer, and our generation is taking control of the journey – for our parents, for our families and for ourselves.
Silverwise is here to help.

Getting On The Road

Silverwise helps families develop a Mindful Aging Plan® (it’s a MAP, get it?).  Our consultants meet with parents, siblings, grandkids, caregivers – anyone whose life is impacted by an aging loved one.  We consider the needs, desires and concerns of the family and design a roadmap that reduces hassle and paves the way for a meaningful shared experience.

Mary Ternan and her Mom, Teresa Nally

Ed Ternan and his Mom, Margie Ternan