Get to know us.

Silverwise was founded by professionals in the fields of Gerontology, Nursing and Financial Planning with over 30 years of experience working with older adults.  We are also adult children with first-hand experience dealing with the issues facing aging parents, friends and relatives.

Family Consulting and Spiritual Guidance

Meet Mary Nally Ternan, MSG

Mary served as Director of Pastoral Care at Holy Family Catholic Church in South Pasadena for 26 years. Her experiences guiding families through the stages of the aging process are as varied as they are broad, ranging from mundane logistics to powerful personal connections—or as she calls them, “God moments.”

Mary attributes her affinity for seniors to her early exposure to older people, having grown up in a large family with 18 Great Aunts and Uncles and their spouses. Deeply spiritual, Mary combined that with her love of the elderly, earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Religious Studies and a minor in Gerontology at Santa Clara University. She later pursued and completed her Masters in Gerontology at USC.

Silverwise is founded on Mary’s core belief that aging is a family experience that can be meaningful and uplifting for all family members. The key is to communicate openly and plan thoughtfully.

Holistic Health and Nutrition

Meet Sue Feldmeth, RN, BSN

Earning her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from UCLA, Sue began her 27-year professional career as a Registered Nurse in the pediatric unit of Pasadena’s Huntington Hospital. Over the past seven years, she has assumed care of her mother who suffers from dementia and chronic pain. With her mother now living under her family’s roof, Sue’s attention has dramatically shifted to the other end of the age continuum.

Experiencing first-hand the challenges involved when a parent or loved one requires additional support and interventions to maintain a certain quality of life has been a true game-changer. With careful attention to her mother’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, Sue has been able to put together a plan to keep her mother safe and thriving. Bringing her assessment skills as a nurse along with her caregiver experience and understanding, Sue has been uniquely able to provide caring paths forward for families in similar situations, while pursuing her interests in painting, gardening and traveling.

Financial and Insurance Planning

Meet Ed Ternan, MBA

Ed is a graduate of Santa Clara University with a degree in Political Science, and an MBA from Pepperdine University. Ed met Mary as undergrads, and wisely married her. They have three adult children as well as three dogs, most of whom remain on the cell phone plan.

Ed’s professional background includes sales and marketing, small business management and financial advisory. He brings his expertise in financial planning to help families navigate insurance coverage and financial issues by applying the advance planning concepts from the financial world to the practicalities of aging through the Silverwise Mindful Aging Plan (MAP)™.


Meet Cindi Knight

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