Mindful Aging Plan®

“The spiritual eyesight improves as the physical eyesight declines.” 

Growing old is not just physical.  In fact, the changes that occur on the emotional and spiritual levels during this phase of life are powerful.  Our Mindful Aging Plan® is structured to remove the obstacles that impede this path of personal growth.

This is what sets Silverwise apart.  We engage with the whole person, and recognize the interaction of the body, mind and spirit.  We also understand that we age in the context of our family system. Our goal is to integrate these elements into a practical blueprint that honors the dignity of all involved.

We all remember Maslow’s hierarchy of needs from middle school, right?

It is never too early, or too late, to map out a course for a meaningful aging experience.  

The Mindful Aging Plan® is a three-step, multidimensional consulting process that includes one-on-one and group discussions facilitated by Silverwise professionals.  The output is a useful, living document that serves as your waypoint, even as your family’s circumstances evolve.



We ask probing questions to encourage reflection.  Conversations about aging are sensitive and give rise to issues that deserve thoughtful consideration.  In this initial phase, we help your family connect with your values and weigh your options.


Rubber, meet road.  In phase two, we help you make concrete decisions to ensure that your plan is practical and useful.  Family members commit to the plan and agree to roles, responsibilities, and boundaries.


We formalize your plan in a comprehensive report.  We put local resources, marching orders and important documents at your fingertips, so you are prepared for any contingency.