The Road Ahead

Our Mission

Why Silverwise…And Why Now?

There are many reasons to apply as much thought and planning to the Golden Years, as there are to any other stages in our lives.







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Financial Protection

1 in 18 seniors will get scammed or taken advantage of financially1. A Silverwise fiduciary helps you safeguard your finances and ensures your money is there when the senior in your life needs it. 

Home Safety

It’s better to prevent a fall than recover from one. 30% of seniors 65+ fall every year, and 1.8 million are treated for non-fatal falls like broken hips2. Silverwise can help create a home safety plan to avoid all that.

Family Navigation

Family dynamics can be complicated and difficult to navigate. Let the professionals at Silverwise serve as impartial advocates to insure everyone’s best interests are heard and prioritized.


Planning for the future humanizes the entire process3. Silverwise can provide family insights, healing, and minimize worry so you can focus on your loved one, doing what you all enjoy most—being together.