Our Mission

Silverwise helps families achieve a less stressful and more meaningful aging experience.






Juggling the myriad issues around aging can seem overwhelming.

Silverwise pulls it all together, lays it all out and helps your family think it all through

Founders’ Message

As Bette Davis famously said, “Old age ain’t no place for sissies.” This is especially true today.  We are living longer, which is a good thing. It also means that we need help for a longer period, which impacts our families. It can get complicated.

We find that families who discuss aging issues and plan for contingencies are more likely to enjoy the process, despite the inherent difficulties.  Those who delay the conversation find themselves making decisions while in “crisis management mode,” usually when a medical event forces their hand.

That is why we started Silverwise.

We want to transform the way families experience aging:
– From a clinical approach focused exclusively on ‘health’ and ‘care’
– To a thoughtful and informed process that enriches the entire family

The keys are open communication and advance planning.

We facilitate both with our Mindful Aging Plan™.  More than other “care plans,” we consider all of the complex questions that can affect the family dynamic.  And there are a lot of moving parts. 

We help you set priorities and match your needs with the appropriate resources.  The later stages of life can take us to a place of growth, sharing and deepening relationships – for both our elders their loved ones.   Let us help your family create that space.

Sincerely, Mary and Ed Ternan